Water Shortage Conditions Criteria

Water Shortage Conditions Criteria

Mild conditions exist if average daily water consumption is at 90 percent of production capacity for three days or the LCRA reduces water for its interruptible users.

Moderate conditions exist if the combined storage capacity of Lake Buchanan and Lake Travis drops to 900,000-acre feet, or if any two of the following occurs:

  • Average water consumption is 100 percent of production capacity for two days.
  • A component of the water plant facilities is out of service.
  • Potable water storage cannot be re-established at an acceptable level within 24 hours.

Severe emergency conditions exist if any one of the following exists.

  • Combined storage capacity of Lake Buchanan/Lake Travis drops to less than 200,000-acre feet.
  • Average daily water consumption reaches 100 percent of production capacity for a period of three days.
  • Potable water storage levels cannot be maintained.
  • Inability to purchase potable water from Hurst Creek or District 17 while water usage exceeds 100 percent for a two-day period.
  • Failure of water treating facilities.
  • Contamination of water source.

Contamination occurring at the water treatment plants will result in immediate termination of all water service until the cause can be determined and eliminated. This is not really a conservation situation but a public health and well-being situation.