Procedure to Establish New Residential Service

To establish service in your name, the District requires the following at least one day before effective start date:

  • A signed Contract for Service.
  • Non-refundable service fee of $50.00.
  • Security Deposit refundable after three years of timely payments:
    • $200.00 (for customers in-district with wastewater).
    • $150.00 (for customers out-of-district with septic).
    • $400.00 (for customers out-of-district with wastewater).

The District offers both automatic bank drafting and automatic credit card drafting to customers for convenience of payments. If either of these services is selected, the proper authorization form also must be returned along with the contract for service. Please note that a voided check also must be sent for the bank drafting service.

A deposit will not be required if a new customer presents a letter from another utility company on its letterhead stating satisfactory credit history for the previous year.

Procedure To Change Service