Permits and Construction

Procedure For New Construction

The following is required by the District in order to set a water meter and begin receiving plumbing inspections:

Applicable fees:

  • Water and/or wastewater tap fees
  • $550 plumbing inspections (includes 10 inspections)
  • Security Deposit – refundable after three years of timely payments (if applicable):
    • $200.00 (for homes in district with wastewater)
    • $150.00 (for homes out of district with septic)
    • $400.00 (for homes out of district with wastewater)


A permit is required for all Swimming Pools, Sprinkler Systems and Re-models. The following is required by the District in order to get a permit and inspections on any of the above-mentioned projects:

Please call I.O.Inspections at 512-770-5534 for all inspections.

Wastewater Back-up Relief Valve Installation Guide

Requests for installation of a water meter larger than a standard 5/8” must receive prior approval of the District’s General Manager.  After completing the above requirements, a water meter will be set within 3 business days and the water and/or wastewater account will be set up immediately.  This means that you will be charged water and/or wastewater base rates regardless if you are hooked into the system or not.

Please call Lakeway MUD at 512-261-6222 for the wastewater tie-in inspections
and I.O. Inspections at 512-770-5534 for all other inspections.

Easement Release

An Application for Easement Release is required by the District in order to apply for an easement release.  A $50 fee is also due with the submittal of the application.

Application for Variance from Drought Contingency Plan


Construction Documents

Standard Details – All (.pdf updated November 2011)

Standard Details – All (.dwg updated September 2007)

Grease Intercepter Requirements  (adopted November 9, 2011)

Pump Requirements for Residential Application (adopted July 16, 2007)

Plumbing Permit (all plumbers are required to show proof of plumbing license and ID)

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